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Mountain road

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Digital information longevity
An interesting blog post from the internet archive about the longevity of information. Formats, interfaces and protocols change and keeping computer files readable over long periods of time is difficult.

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The Caspian Sea
Lakes and seas are governed by very different sets of international rules and the consequences for the Caspian Sea are quite significant. While the countries around the lake agreed upon how to split the sea in 2018 (see link below), this is an interesting case to remember.

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The original emoji
These are the original Japanese emoji (1997) that created a new visual language and changed global electronic communication ever since. It is incredible how much more impact these emoji have had when compared to e.g. Microsoft Wingdings (1990) and Zapf Dingbats (1978). I suspect the emoji were a solution to a much bigger problem than just providing symbols: Efficient communication on low-resolution cell phones with only numeric keyboards.

Link to content | Posted: 2022-05-03 | Category: Text

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