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This is an image post.

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This is an image post.

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The original emoji
These are the original Japanese emoji (1997) that created a new visual language and changed global electronic communication ever since. It is incredible how much more impact these emoji have had when compared to e.g. Microsoft Wingdings (1990) and Zapf Dingbats (1978). I suspect the emoji were a solution to a much bigger problem than just providing symbols: Efficient communication on low-resolution cell phones with only numeric keyboards.

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Open standards
I was browsing for a podcast episode of Desert Island Discs recently and saw this announcement:

Looking for the latest episode? New episodes of Desert Island Discs will now be available first on BBC Sounds for four weeks before other podcast apps.

Since the BBC has a huge library of podcasts and has consistently been supporting RSS for a very long time, this is a big setback for the future of RSS.

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Airborne wind energy
Crosswind kite power solutions appear to be quite a promising technology. Imagine the endless possibilities with a portable kite-based power source.

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The machine stops
The human relationship to technology has been changing quite rapidly over the past centuries and this change is accelelerating all the time. The Machine Stops is an essay written in 1909 that explores the role of technology in our lives. It is probably more relevant now than ever before and a highly recommended read.

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