Another smart city fails
Centrally planned innovation rarely works. This time it is a smart city in Bangladesh.
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Posted: 2024-05-07
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The innovator's dilemma in politics
In many of the world’s largest democracies it looks like politics is being disrupted by similar forces that took many of the industrial conglomerates by surprise toward the end of the last century: Political parties are facing their own version of the innovator's dilemma. Just like the entrants that successfully took on large corporations then and disrupted their markets, the latest wave of political parties (and candidates) are doing something similar in the realm of politics. The difference is that the consequences of disruption in politics are probably much larger, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. At present, I predict, the latter.

An interesting insight from the the innovator’s dilemma is that, it is not necessarily bad decision making by incumbent firms that cause them to lose out to entrants. Instead, it is the ability of entrants to react without cannibalizing existing markets that often give them the edge. Thus, even though political party strategists could benefit from picking up a copy of the book, history shows us that sometimes change is inevitable.
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Posted: 2024-04-24
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A past attempt at the future

This is an image post.
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Posted: 2024-04-02
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Self-hosted sync
There are many desktop applications that generate small amounts of data that at present cannot easily be synced or shared across computes without the use of a third party service. Firefox sync, for example, is notoriously hard to get running nicely. In fact, most desktop applications lack third-party syncing functionality all together.

Imagine instead a world where syncing settings, credentials, bookmarks, shortcuts, rss feed subscriptions is as easy as connecting an application to a self-hosted server with a simple database attached. Offline and no third-parties involved. It is incredible that this is still an unsolved problem.

All that is needed for this to take of is that one of the major open source desktop environments integrates an open protocol where any application developer can add support for their applications independently. Before long, someone will offer a hosted service, completing the circle.

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Posted: 2024-03-06
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The Soviet collapse
A very interesting article by Yegor Gaidar from 2007 about his work on the collapse of the Soviet Union, with important insights and lessons for many of today's societies and international organizations. A quote:

[...] authoritarian regimes, although displaying a façade of strength, are fragile in crisis. In conditions of relative stability, society is prepared to tolerate the lack of real elections. People are prepared to come to terms with this situation as an inevitable and habitual evil. But they will do so only until the country encounters a seri- ous challenge [...]

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Posted: 2024-02-19
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The Winterkeeper
A documentary about the life of Steven Fuller, the longtime Yellowstone winterkeeper. And, here is his story from the Mountain Journal.
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Posted: 2023-12-20
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