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Sun Ra Arkestra
More than half a century old, this music is still from the future.

Link to content | Posted: 2020-11-20 | Category: Video

Daily bread
A very interesting photo exhibition by Gregg Segal on what foods are consumed in a week around the world. The future doesn't look too good.

Link to content | Posted: 2020-08-15 | Category: Photo

The Story of Africa
I recently found this BBC World Service page (link) from around 2001/2002 with an interesting project on the history of Africa. The related radio series does not load, but if you'd like to listen to it then it can be found here (on the modern version of the BBC website).

Link to content | Posted: 2020-08-10 | Category: Text

The Pyrenees

This is an image post.

Link to content | Posted: 2020-08-09 | Category: Photo

Chemical weapons dumped at sea
An interactive map of chemical weapons dumped at sea in the 20th century. Some of these will undoubtedly cause harm in the future.

Link to content | Posted: 2020-06-14 | Category: Text

Street light

This is an image post.

Link to content | Posted: 2020-05-24 | Category: Photo

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