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A glas roof

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Link to content | Posted: 2021-10-25 | Category: Photo

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Link to content | Posted: 2021-10-15 | Category: Text

Micro fishing
A very inspiring short documentary about the art of Tanago fishing in Japan.

Link to content | Posted: 2021-07-25 | Category: Video

Nakagin Capsule Tower Building
No words are needed for this iconic design. Maybe this type of visionary building will make a come back now that mankind is closer to machines than ever before. Pre-fabricated capsules and re-purposed shipping containers are not that far away from the modernist utopia.

Link to content | Posted: 2021-05-29 | Category: Text

A geospatial model of Roman connectivity
I just discovered this fascinating interactive map of connectivity and trade in the Roman empire.

Link to content | Posted: 2021-05-26 | Category: Text

Global trade
A few years old but this is a fascinating look at global shipping routes.

Link to content | Posted: 2021-05-20 | Category: Text

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