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The Karakoram highway
A very interesting interview with one of the members of the team that built the Karakoram highway.

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New functionality
Just a test post. I am testing out a few new functions in my software that generates the static content for this weblog: The Gallery function is now live and shows a snapshot of all images that have been posted on this site.

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Territorial disputes
Even though this list is incomplete, it is far too long.

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Bank accounts
Recently the Swedish Riksbank came out with a new report their digital currency project, the 'e-krona'. Browsing through the report, this line caught my eye, a quote (from page 14):

E-krona can be either in an account with the Riksbank or value-based units that can be stored locally on for instance a card or in an app.

Maybe holding a bank account at the central bank isn't that far fetched anymore. It would definitely give the banking industry a much needed fresh wind of competition for deposits.

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This is an image post.
Walked past this really nice pattern on a house facade a few weeks ago. Not Penrose tiling, but still very beautiful.

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The Bundesbank and its mandate
Linked here is a very interesting account on the Bundesbank and their actions in the early 1990s. This was at a time when the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) was being tested by financial markets resulting in the United Kingdom having to float their currency (and leave the ERM). It contains some very interesting thoughts that may be more relevant now than in the decades since the article was written.

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